Might be last blog post?

This might be the last blog post here as I'm now doing prep for another project and starting a personal blog, (http://projectkatell.wordpress.com/ and http://ernesthrea.wordpress.com/). But here is a picture of a staff I designed anyway.

Davon's Staff


The Firelight

Been a while, thought I'd post another still.

Two guards waiting and laughing in a crumbling outpost.



So things are going slowly. I'm planning on having a trailer cut for hand in; see how that goes.

Here's a still of the fortress wall as I have dubbed it. The majority of the architecture of the village is composed of manipulated trees and plants. Where as the wall and surrounding structures are stone constructs. This is because they weren't made by the Druid folk, but are the work of Men and Golums long in the past during, "The First Mortal War". The Wall was set up as a means to hold their position in enemy land, but not to keep anyone in or out; it's more of a symbol of triumph.
The relic is now featured as the front defense against the Mist Stalker as named by the Druid Folk of The Taran Laun Mountains (North Violet Mountains).

As can bee seen i ahve taken to explaining my world more in this blog. Hope you enjoy.