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First post.

This is my first post. I will give a brief description of my film and post some videos and such today.

Stalker ofThe Mist tells the tale of Madhain, a young man who must battle against incredible odds, and the forces of supernatural nature to protect his adopted home from distruction. Challenging a colossal mountain sized being that reaches the skys, he travels across, lonely, enchanted enviroments among the skin of the very monster he seeks to best.

Here are a selection of of very early sketchbook pages, from between aproximitly June 2010 and September 2010, mainly playing about with early character concept and shots.

Here's a rough ink and oil bar drawing of the colossal monster that threatens the village.

The two images below are of the entrance of the village Elder's home which appears when a scout comes with news of the giant while Madhain is working in the garden. The  home is build into and old tree which has hangings and ceramonial objects around it's branches and roots. In the garden surrounding, there are spears with red flags flapping from them. In the final version of the film, it appears that the front door will not be appearing but I enjoyed playing with it's design, and may incorparate it into the DVD or art book; taking aspects of the story and combining the features.

This video is the 2nd test render of my opening shot. The shaking is the prescene of something moving closer to the hillside, resulting in fearful birds flocking across the screen.

The Video below is the 3rd test render of the opening shot. The difference from the first test is that the colour is less yellow, as I had seen the previous video on some computters, and it appeared extremely yellow. Also the amount of shaking at each interval has been reduced.


Shot three of scene one. The hills are less bright, the saturation is reduced, and a shadow casts over the land, as the mist thickens.


First near finalised design of main character Madhain.


 Final Character Design for Madhain (Pure colours)

Colours for both character and enviroments have been sourced from forests in different seasons. The only character that is ever seen wearing white is Madhain. This came from much earlier versions of the film, which had more emphasis on the character's struggle with being an outsider, and to separate him from the rest of the people he woar a colour of his own people, which also stood out against the forest colours.